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Meet the Mildcat studio kittens!

It's been a wild 13 weeks with my precious foster babies!

The studio is full of fluff and fur and all the things that come along with having seven cats. Today marks their thirteen week birthday and they're almost all gone to their forever homes.

What started out as a temporary foster situation for Mama and Dad and their first litter of two kittens quickly changed into a large family of cats.

*Apparently* it only takes sixty days for kittens to come to fruition inside the womb, and what a surprise it was to find these little warm nuggets nestled in the closet with mom only a few weeks after finding homes for the first two twins.

It all started out as a temporary fix to a highly unfortunate situation... the original owners were forced to move while one was on hospice, unable to take the family of cats with them in the process with so much to handle. A week or so later, the man in hospice, Alfie, passed and upon finding her partner, Leann had a heart attack and spent the next month or so in the hospital and was unable to communicate with us.

Tragedy after tragedy, so much suffering and hardship, the temporarily solution became a lot more permanent and serious.

I started a go fund me to get all the cats fixed and fed, but before that could happen... and one week before mom's spay appointment.. more kittens. I couldn't stand to see them go to the shelter, with their mom who was so afraid and skittish.

So, with a little help, I prepped the Mildcat studio for the seven incoming fur babies. And I'm sure glad I did, raising them brought so much joy to my winter.

I swore I wouldn't keep one, I really didn't think it would be a good idea already having two cats and a dog... but one chose me, and then she chose our big stray boy, too. They snuggle and play and well, I can't split them up now.

Closing this chapter feels good, and I know I did the right thing, the best I could. Things will be a lot quieter, and a lot less stinky around these parts soon.

I'll never forget the winter I brought these seven cats home, and the chaos of them running wild here.

Friends have opened their homes and I'll continue to be able to watch them grow into the amazing, hilarious cats they are.



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