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I have always found myself at home in the mountains and ocean. ​Snowboarding and surfing I have granted me opportunities to travel, learn and grow. Not only as an athlete and competitor, but teacher and student as well. My art practice has kept me grounded through the seasons of life. It is a means for transmuting what I see, what I feel. A vessel for gratitude, a way to shed negative energy and amplify positive. A meditation that lets me unveil a layer of my exterior, offering a glimpse of my fears, loves, hopes, dreams, and desires.


I believe in simplicity and style, in life and in art. Over the years I’ve studied and experimented with many different mediums. Painting came first. I had an easel and a pair of skis by age two. Both were passions of my parents, and they've been the ones to stick.  In school, I broadened my horizons to include graphite, stained glass, collage, and photography. Design with Adobe software came next. Chalk became a daily source of expression during a three-year stint of drawing menus and beer boards at the gastropub that was my day job.


Graphic design has been keeping me busy and happy for the last eight years. I started with some water colors and pens, a camera and a laptop. Since then I have mastered many design programs with with a bit of help, but the majority of my skillset has been self taught. Which poses it's own question, was it nature or nurture? My mother was a graphic designer. As a child I watched her run her own freelance business, so she deserves some credit here, too. Over the years developed a unique way of making art, work, for businesses. For businesses that want to be brands, and there is a difference. It's my opinion that graphic design is about communication and style. I aim to create cohesion and authenticity while exposing the best, unique parts of your business' offerings.  

Lately I've been focusing on creating original works that I can't wait to share. There are lots of exciting collaborations I will be announcing soon, too, but those have got to wait a little longer.  Over the years I have painted surfboards, donated several hand-painted skate decks to Boarding for Breast Cancer (b4bc), and recently began creating snowboard graphics. Stay tuned for skate deck drops/bidding opportunities, as well as exciting announcements about goods you can get your hands and feet on. Coming soon!​​

Untitled_Artwork 58_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 58_edited.png
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