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Early season photos, tunes, and avalanches

It always rains at Baker, and you'll always leave soaked.

Here are a few of my favorite people and images from the past few months of snowy play time, plus my new snowboarding playlist.

Though, after a recent in bounds avalanche scare I think I'm going to take a break from listening to music while riding, at least on deep days.

Usually I'm a big fan of rocking tunes in bounds, but knowing I may miss the sound of a crack or wompf has made me reconsider. As we were lapping our favorite in bounds/slack country run, a very large mass of snow gave way on to a high traffic traverse exit. We were incredibly lucky to have missed it as we were using it as our exit the run before and came upon it the next time through. After being unable to locate any buried victims via beacon search and a little over an hour later, we concluded a vast and thorough probe search along side ski patrol and around 20 other pass holders. Given the hang fire situation we decided the area was more than likely clear of any potentially buried riders, and left the scene to head straight home. Tunes on groomers from here on out, I have concluded.

Today, I feel extremely grateful things weren't worse and that I got some good probe search experience in anultimately inconsequential but time sensitive situation.

A low quality, not entirely encompassing photo will be at the bottom of this post.

Nick doing Nick things

Moonrise over Honkers

Riding tunes:

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Early season dump

Library's slide, 1/10/2023

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