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DROPPING: Mildcat Eco Friendly Wrapping Papers, Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Holiday season has arrived and with it I give to you a fresh line of eco friendly wrapping papers!! Inspired by my family, the Pacific Northwest, and the love I hold for this special time of year. I made these prints and patterns with the hope of bringing artistic flare and a heart warming touch of home to each gift wrapped.

I don't know about y'all but gift curation and wrapping is one of my favorite things. It truly is an art and opportunity to show the ones you love how much you do.

This goes without saying -but- sustainability is so important, especially surrounding a season where so much waste is created. My wrapping paper is made using recycled content ensuring sustainability using inks that have been tested and scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions.

I want to share a few tips and tricks we have picked up along the way and hopefully spark some inspiration in you.

  • Wrap gifts in twine instead of ribbon

  • Eliminate tape from the equation: a tightly wrapped gift tied in twine doesn't need it, and it's even easier for kiddos to unwrap!

  • Reuse wrapping paper (and other embellishments) for your next special occasion. Pro tip: If you skip the tape this is a lot more effective

  • Use seasonally foliage instead of bows! I like to tuck a sprig of cedar into my twine, but you can really get creative here and utilize whatever you've got. Texture and depth can be added by using salal (that thick green leafed shrub with purple berries,) ferns, fir branches, pine cones, or snowberries. Think anything you would use if you were to make a wreath.

  • Not feeling crafty? Shop local. It's that simple, and makes a huge impact on your communities economy and soul. If you're an east county dweller like myself, River Roots Apothecary is a great place to find a gift for anyone in your family.

  • Choose physical experiences rather than material gifts.

  • Stumped on what to get someone special? Make them a snack box filled with your favorite non-perishable foods from a local market, whether it's a co-op or ethnic food market you can't go wrong. Hot sauces, chocolates, baking mixes, popcorn, easy to use items are best. Everyone's gotta eat!

  • DIY tags! Use old paper bags or get even more creative if you're vibin'. Paper bags can easily be cut and folded accordingly and their color always ties together nicely with twine (and would complement any of my wrapping papers nicely, too!)

My family has always put an emphasis on having a sustainable holiday. Whether that means the entire family makes our own presents instead of buying questionable gifts wrapped in plastic because of financially rough times, or wrapping in news paper. Sustainability isn't just about making choices for the future of the planet, but for the longevity and future of our families, too. Every season is different and so are our needs.

Along with these wrapping papers I've curated a HUGE line of new products (some of which match the paper!!) that would make great gifts if I do say so myself. How cool would it be to unwrap your gift to find the matching print lies beneath?!

I hope you love these offerings and can implement some of these sustainable tactics in your holiday season this year. Every little bit helps, and thank YOU, for shopping small and being a conscious dweller on this planet we are so lucky to call home.



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